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Wood that does your memory justice

Wood Photo Collage

Photographs are proof that once, even if just for a heartbeat, everything was perfect. 

It’s time to decorate the walls of your home with impeccable and eternal wooden photos, made of the finest wood, which will immortalize every worthwhile moment! Bright as a decoration – even more brilliant as a timeless guardian of memories.

This photo printed on wood will fulfill all your expectations! Suitable for every wall and for every home, it promises everyday reminders of the most fanciful smiles and unforgettable adventures.

Swiping through a smartphone gallery to look at your snaps is still fun. But, it’s still no comparison to actually holding real, printed photos in your hands. It really does make the memories more tangible.

Create a beautiful home for your treasured memories.

The idea of printing directly on wood is not a new one. We have been doing it for years.

Your image selection will be brilliantly reproduced in full colors using high-quality inks to ensure that your memories don’t fade, capturing that ‘forever moment’ for future generations to rejoice in too.

To deliver the feast for the eyes your photos deserve, we use high-quality wood. The mark of a beautiful photo printed on wood is a joy to the touch as well as to look at. Wood life print is an experience. 

One of the advantages of printing photos on wood is actually the possibility of choosing photos from your phone gallery, Instagram profile or Facebook profile. 

It’s all about quality rather than quantity, and the pictures you choose to print deserve the best treatment. 

The quality of the photos that will be printed on wood depends on the quality and resolution of the photos you send. 

Wood Life Print photos can be:

4: 3 (horizontal photos)

3: 4 (vertical photos)

1: 1 (square footage)

You can choose from a variety of sizes and shapes to fit any of your favorite photos. Our wood prints allow for the natural grain to show through your image while having vibrant colors and the utmost clarity.

Photos printed on wood are the perfect gift, they’re the holder of the memories that will forever record holidays that you’ve spent with friends, birthday celebrations of your loved ones, the first steps of your child. Save all those memories from oblivion and let them live forever on wooden frames!

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